Welcome to the

First Division: Army of Northern Virginia Members Section.

This section is for verified ANV members ONLY. With the current issues we have been facing, this section was created for you, so you have a secure place to come and talk among other ANV members on our forum, post ANV / hobby related photos in our Photo Gallery, sell your wares in our Trade Blanket, check your ANV schedule on our Events Calendar and download the needed forms on our documents page in safety.

I have created a secure connection for this new domain. To make sure you are on the secure connection, please bookmark this URL https://www.1stdivisionanv.org

Please read, for I am going to explain the following additions. Please keep in mind that everything you will see has been approved by Chief of Staff Col. Haines. Any military issues please direct them to her. Any website issues PLEASE direct them to me personally at webmaster@1stdivisionanv.org.

  • Members login

    1. The members log in you entered is universal to all members. If you are reading this, you have been verified by your commander or Colonel.

    2. There is only ONE log in username and password for everyone to use. Please do not share your log in information.

    3. When clicking on a link to the forum, calendar, etc., you may be asked to enter that info again. It's just a security thing.

  • Additions

    1. Forum - This forum is for us to go and have ANV discussion or make posts in private. Facebook is way to public and there is no security against people seeing our discussions. When you click on the link for the forum, register yourself with the forum and you will be able to make posts and comment. There are different categories and forums I created for different areas of discussion. If there are any changes to be made, an administrator will help with that.

    2. Trade Blanket - The Trade Blanket is basically a bulletin board platform. You can use this to post items you are selling in the particular category I have created. When you click on the link for the Trade Blanket, register yourself with the trade blanket and you will be able to make posts and comment. If there are any changes to be made, an administrator will help with that.

    3. Photo Gallery - I created this so we can put photos online without worry of the public seeing them. Besides this is OUR community and family, and I feel we should keep some things amongst us. When you click on the link for the photo gallery, register yourself with the photo gallery and you will be able to make posts and comment. If there are any changes to be made, an administrator will help with that.

    4. Events Calendar - This calendar was created so we can have a better look at when events are happening. Colonels and Commanders will have the permission to write to the calendar ONLY.

    5. As you can also see that a section has been created for the Women In Uniform. THis section is run by our very own Wendy Ramsburg (aka Craig Anderson). This section is in both public and members. This is a blog based section powered by Word Press in which she will make her posts on the subject and the ability to comment is available.

    6. We have a Sutlers page, which is in both public and members, which lists ANV approved Sulters for getting the quality items for the hobby. Thanks to Rex Hovey for making this happen.

I will be continuing my work on this site throughout 2018. Please be patient for there are always bugs to work out with new things. If you have issues please direct them to me. I thank you all for your support on this site and I hope you all enjoy it and get the most of it. This is, however, OUR website!!

I remain you humble servant and friend,

Sgt. Steven Lambie